March 2019: Anti film-piracy campaign “The Movie Thieves” scored

October 2018: Voynich produces Roxi Drive‘s track “Synthicide“.

October 2018: New Voynich single “Fat Cop” released.

September 2018: Maureen O’ Connell’s feature length film “Spa Weekend” scored.

April 2018: New Voynich single “GAME.EXE” released

August 2017: Maureen O Connell‘s short “Thespish” scored. Shown at Chicago Film Festival.

July 2017: New music video for ‘TimeSlave‘ released.

July 2017: Interview with Voynich on

May 2017: New Single ‘FLUX‘ by Voynich released.

April 2017: New single ‘TimeSlave‘ appears on RetroSynth’s compilation album In Synth We Wave, along with ‘Exoself’.

March 2017: Voynich is picked up by RetroSynth records.

January 2017:  New Single ‘Dinosaur’ by Voynich released.

Nice write-up by Wexford Arts Centre.

December 2016: Scored and sound-designed Natasha O’ Brien’s play Shayma Kamar.

Great review for Night People by

March 2016: Work started on Voynich album. Facebook page is here.

Another nice review by UK Horror Scene.

Complimentary review by Scott’s Movie Comments.

Complimentary review by

Complimentary review of Night People by Film Ireland.


November 2015: Nominated for Best Original Music Score for Territorial Behavior at the Terror Film Festival

TerrorFilmFest2015 LaurelNomMusic

October 2015: ‘Night People‘ in IFI’s Horrorthon lineup. Screening on October 25th. Book tickets here.

September 2015: Night People Trailer released.

April 2015: Scored ‘Territorial Behaviour‘. See scored trailer here.

February 2015: Soundtrack for Night People completed.

February 2015: Music Video for Night People by Voynich online. Also now available on iTunes and Google Play.

October 2014:  Night People in post-production.  Exciting and exhausting, but worth it.

October 2014: Teaser Trailer for Gerard Lough’s feature film Night People released

July 2013:  Scored Fran Cassidy’s short

April 2013:  Scored Fran Cassidy’s short ‘A Breath of Kindness

January 2013: Gave video lecture on scoring film to class at Universidad Autónoma de Santa Ana UNASA.

August 2012:  Scored Gerard Loughs short film Ninety Seconds

July 2012:  Scored full trailer for “Ninety Seconds”

June 2012:  Scored teaser trailer for “Ninety Seconds”

October 2011:  New Alsa Modular Synth demo

October 2011:  Now also using UbuntuStudio. Please see Studio page

for updated specifications.

June 2010: ’The Boogeyman’ trailer scored

April 2010:  Radio Jingle for The Story of Motown composed.

January 2010:  Parity of Pretence, a play by Natasha O’ Brien scored.

October 2009:  ‘The Scanner‘ shown at Darklight 2009 Film festival

October 2009:  Cian now plays trombone for The Jewelettes Motown Big Band.

October 2009:  Gerard Lough’s Short Film “The Stolen Wings” scored.

July 2009:  Currently composing music for ‘Radiant Jade’, an entry

into Dare to be Digital 2009 by Bubblegum Games.

May 2009:  Music for the Media course completed succesfully.

May 2009:  Gerard Lough’s Short Film “The Scanner” finished.

April 2009: ‘Wave’ exhibit performed in Market Studios

November 2008:  Press Photographer’s Association of Ireland website award winners Slideshow scored.

July 2008:  Complete score composed for “Hell’s Drifter“.

May 2008:  Finished scoring Jamie Brennan’s short film ‘Better the Angel you know’.

May 2008:  ‘Deviant’ post-production finished. It can now be watched here on Youtube.

May 2008:  Photographic showcase “Life in the Big City” scored for Gerard Lough

April 2008:  Scored trailer for Gerard Lough’s upcoming new short “Deviant”

March 2008:  Begin first full length film for Peter Bergin.

February 2008:  Scored Jamie Brennan’s short film ‘Dublin Love Story’.

September 2007:  Gerard Lough’s music video “Baby Boom Boom” wrapped: original music written by Cian Furlong.

August 2007:  Finished scoring Gerard Lough’s documentary ‘A Longterm Effect’. It can now be viewed on Youtube here.

August 2007:  Finished 4th composition (4 pieces) for Francis Fay’s exhibit ‘Contre Lumiere’

July 2007:  Studio completely updated

July 2007:  Completed composition course for String Quartet in NUI Maynooth under tutilege of John McLachlan, Martin O’ Leary and Kevin O’ Connell.

June 2007:  Finished composing music for Grace Kelly’s animation, “His Shadow”

April 2007:  Started ‘Music for the Media‘ course

March 2006:  Finished composition for Francis Fay’s projection project.