I charge a by-minute rate for the music itself.

  • 1-5 instruments – €75 per minute
  • 6-10 instruments – €150 per minute
  • 11 instruments upwards – €225 per minute

If you’re looking for live instruments this will push up the price considerably with musicians fees,

but I have a very large selection of high quality sample sets which work for people on medium


That’s what the above rates are based on.

For projects with smaller budgets, prices can be negotiated.


License Types:

1. Exclusive Music (Work for Hire):

Music which will be used for your project only and associated materials (ex. trailers, promotional materials, etc.).

2. Exclusive Music (With Soundtrack Release):

I retain soundtrack rights for a project’s compositions.

3. Non-Exclusive Music:

This means I can use the music that I compose for your project elsewhere, such as music libraries.

(Non-exclusive music is a good option for student projects or people on smaller budgets).


As everyone’s circumstances differ, please contact me to discuss yours.